About Us

About Beyond Beautiful by Cassie

Welcome to Beyond Beautiful by Cassie, where you'll find that this is more than just a place to shop. This is a place where you can buy clothing as well as jewelry and other accessories. Everything I sell is something I love, and the ideal is that you find your own fashion that matches who you are. Be comfortable in the skin you're in, because you deserve it!

I'm Cassie and I've been selling clothing and accessories online since November 2016. What started as an adventure in selling clothes became so much more, as my personal goals of building people up and showing them their own beauty has become my personal primary focus. The clothing and accessories are merely the tools to show you what a beautiful badass you are. 

To fit with my personal passion, I am also sourcing as many goods specifically made in America or Fair Trade as possible. This means that every item you're purchasing will be supporting a person or a family who is putting love into the production of your purchase. If items are manufactured in China etc, then I have sourced then through a small business here in the states. 

This is a place where you can be you. I have a community on Facebook filled with people who support and love each other, and I look forward to you joining us. www.facebook.com/groups/beyondbeautifulbycassie

Questions? You can email paisleyraye.cassieshook@gmail.com